‘We live in a time when you can read so much online and yet not have the right information. Healthful is here to fix that.’Susan Hunter

At Healthful, we love the phrase ‘knowledge is power’. It illustrates our entire approach to healthcare.

When you, the client, has a detailed understanding of your situation, you are empowered to make the decisions necessary to resolve your health issues. And the more knowledge we have as your practitioner, the better we are at uncovering the root causes of your illness and devising the right treatment for it.

We obtain that information from various sources. We compile it during our consultations by assessing your case and family history and by analysing your signs and symptoms. We also use scientifically rigorous testing and will consult the medical literature relevant to you case.

While every client has individual needs, we have a developed list of guiding principles which underpin our practice. These are:

  • Invite you into the process

  • Use high quality testing for accurate diagnosis

  • Plain English explanations of diagnosis

  • Bespoke treatment plans for every client

  • Explain treatment plan - also in plain English!

The inspiration for healthful clinic was a desire to help people become better informed about their health, and with that understanding, make meaningful progress towards achieving full health again.

If you become a Healthful client, you can expect a dedication to working closely with you on the health issues you most want to solve, in ways that reflect your personal circumstances.

We run a patient-centred practice where each and every person is validated. And we always treat with the most credible and evidence-based natural healthcare available.

The results will speak for themselves.